June 29, 2011

Still Have to Love It

Even though this drought is stressful, sad, and the list goes on and on, you still have to love this lifestyle! The grass used to be green, the cows used to be fat, and I didn't have to spend this much money on feed last year. But I still love it because of this...

A string of calves that have just been fed. Take note, the grass is brown. I've got a picture from last year where the grass is beautiful and lush. Kind of like the first 50 feet of the front yard right now. Still not sure what possessed us to plant grass seed in March and we sure didn't know it would never rain!

Ryan and I have gone through three pallets of concrete in four days, have dug more holes, planted posts and know that some day we will be finished with this project and move on to the next! The title of this post was going to be "Two Days, Two Weeks, Two Month, Two Years' if you haven't been to our place it has changed.

This weekend we did have an extra pair of hands. A great young man that has been the first to keep up so well with Ryan and I, cleaning out hole, setting posts, carrying concrete. He's welcome back any time!

Will be taking pictures tonight!!!

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