June 20, 2011

A Story A Day...

There will be many stories to come about all of the activities we did this weekend:

A Trip to a Ranch
Fence Work
Birds and a New Tree
Everything you can do before 6:30 am

So first: A Trip to a Ranch

We travelled down a few hours to an amazing ranch and met some amazing people, picked up some amazing cows....who for the mean time will think they have died an gone to heaven! We joked that they had probably never been in a trailer or seen all the things they saw by the time we got them home. We parked in front of the barn to pick up the spray and the cows were drooling over the small patch of green grass we've watered!!!! Then we turned them out with a set of heifers we've been feeding very regularly and they've settled in well, learning the ropes of where the water is. I even caught them eating grass while laying down. They learned what a hot fence is and haven't even touched the hay patch! By Sunday their bellies were full!!

Above is a daughter of Annie, one of original herd, she is our chow hound, never misses a meal and thinks she's the boss of the pasture. She's also a spitting image of our bull. Those grandmas aren't going to know what to do with a pasture full of yearlings who think they are the boss!!!

After turn the girls out, Ryan and I dug a whole and planted a new tree that we picked up on the way home. The biggest tree we've planted so far at 9' tall, it actually has leaves on it, but after the wind yesterday doesn't look so well...story to come soon.

Check out the critters page for more pictures!

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