July 22, 2011

Split Second Decisions

My mind might have returned, still not sure yet though, just lots going on, shipping cattle this weekend, then focusing back on our main herd and future decisions of breeding! Today's post is about split second decisions. I've been thinking a lot about how I wound where I am today. First, in a town I had never heard on the other side of the state, doing a job I could have never dreamed of and building a ranch with my husband, and enjoying our beautiful family! A lot of it came from split second decisions, being convinced or dragged into doing something or taking chances and being thankful for those people who put me up to it. I look back and think, wow, what possessed me to do that, move there, quit this....and I wouldn't trade any of it. I was born a determined person and will continue to strive for more, strive to be better, but always enjoy what I have and where I am in life. Now there seem to be a lot of other split second decisions going on like, don't jump off the couch, don't pour that down the drain, quit spraying the puppies, and on and on!

Moving cattle tonight, shipping tomorrow, so hopefully some awesome photos next week.

Look at the food page, I improvised even though the frig is empty, and check out from the road for pictures from last Friday!!!! Have a great weekend.

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