July 13, 2011

Weaning Calves

I remember growing up and Grandaddy weaned calves in the pasture just in front of our house. They bellered all night and day for days on end until they had no voice left. Last year when we weaned the calves, they were turned in with other heifers and life went on. No pacing the fence or trying to find a way out. But this week we weaned our Bextor/Emblazon Angus heifer and she has not given up yet. She has no voice left but a only a weak sad sounding moan. She has stuck her head through every pipe and has tried to crawl under every gate. But last night she stood still long enough for Tana to touch her nose and for Tate to put his hand on her head. Next on the agenda...the halter. We've nicknamed her Bexie for the moment, but that may change depending on her attitude. And I actually didn't give the other show heifer a name either...

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