July 1, 2011

Who Has Names

Okay, this really belongs under critters, but there are a few special critters that get actual names and not just tag numbers!!!

Let's start with:
Sadie - my last show heifer
Bella - Tate's bottle fed calf now cow
Annie - an orphan who's a great little cow
Biscuit - Tate's Hereford Cross
Gravy - Tana's Hereford Cross
Two Dot - she has two white spots on her head
Flop - she's gonna be famous some day I can just feel it
Flip - Flop's daughter, I couldn't resist

Bubba - our obnoxious bull, who so good we hate to have to sell him

Spot - a white cat with black spots
The rest of the cats do not have names!!!

All the dogs are name of course! They are like family.

And then a whole mess of other cows and calves who just have tag numbers, they either didn't make a special impact or we've just called them by the tag number and color. So don't get confused, we do have a white tag 1 and red tag 1, white tag 2 and red tag 2, white tag three and red tag 3, and a red tag 3's daughter who doesn't have a number yet! We have a complicated system, but it works!!!

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