August 15, 2011

Been a While

It has been a while and I apologize. Some on purpose and some not, we have literally been off the map for a few days between work, family and travel. Some things that I have learned:

- Family is the best and while there are occasional health issues they are all doing well, I have a ton of family still around to enjoy!
- You can't beat a good old fashion shrimp boil...more on the food page.
- The smile on a child's face after shooting his first rabbit is priceless...more on the family page.
- Old things are still neat...more on from the road!!!!
- You can survive many many hours travelling in a vehicle with the whole family even if it seems miserable at the time.
- I have fallen in love with my automatic timer and am thankful it works so well, might keep me from having to move the one sprinkler a million times around the yard.
- The small, and I mean small showers we have received has provided enough for a slight green tint on the land.
- We have the best group of dogs ever...see the critters page!

More later, have many many things to share but this is it for now!!!! It's Monday, have a great week.

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