August 26, 2011

Family Time

Family time is important to me. Being about to sit at the table and eat a home-cooked meal and talk about our day or what's coming up. Being about to sit in the living room talking about the cows and playing together without having to have the tv on. I prefer a regular schedule of events and not driving 50 miles a day to and from this and that, instead, coming straight come and doing chores, enjoying the outdoors, watching the kids ride their bicycles, play with the dogs and shoot at birds. As important as it is to me...there will be less and less family time in the near future and I don't like that. So my way of coping is buying a new crock pot and planning meals so that we can still have a home cooked meal after a late night of practices and games.

Check out the food page to hear about what we had for dinner last night...sitting around the table together!!!

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