September 2, 2011

Evening Attire on the Ranch

I have waited a long time to write this post! It is hot, miserably hot, too hot to work. Like that stops us anyway. So in the evening, I want to enjoy being outside and be as cool as possible. Some days that means sorting cows in flip flops, what can I say, they are well trained! And most recently, evening attire has included a swim suit cover up, I like to think of it more as a comfy dress! So a dress and flip flops, pitchforking hay, filling up water, and talking cows. Ryan thinks I'm nuts and says the same thing every time we're in the pen, "I see you're wearing your work shoes!" He doesn't approve of the flip flops...but I always get the job done! And we have a long enough road to the house so that I can run to my closet and change in a hurry if I need to.

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