September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday & The Food Page

Today I’d like to talk fashion – some of my favorites! I love jeans, boot cut, low-rise, in shades of blue, but mostly dark. And boots – while I think lots of the store-made boots are cute – I prefer my handmade boots that sport our brand on the front. Plus Ryan has boots in all colors. Maybe we should order another pair this year! I absolutely love the idea of boots with a dress but just haven’t jumped off that cliff yet. Going to conquer that in the spring since I have so many nice dresses ready for next year!

I love jewelry, although you can’t always tell, while I make some myself, there are just days that I don’t feel like wearing any. And some days I don’t feel like wearing much of anything, but oh well. I love lip gloss and blush – there are days those are two things you can’t leave the house without!

A good perfume and body spray is a must in ranch life. You just never know what you’re going to smell like!

There are pictures of my jewelry on my facebook page – and maybe in the future I’ll set up and get everything organized on etsy!

Check out the food page for my story/recipe!

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