September 22, 2011

How Do You Tell - Guest Article

I had a grandmother that was a wonderful woman. She was loving and caring and all of her grandchildren knew they were loved. She didn’t buy us extravagant things, or lavish us in any way; it just was that she loved us without a doubt. She was a strong woman, that had gone through many hardships and she had so much love to give. Grandmother D was a wonderful cook; she made special things that our mothers didn’t make, like homemade rolls. She didn’t make bread; she made rolls, all the time. You would visit with her and before you left, she would pull packages of rolls from the freezer for us to take home. That was love, you never questioned or doubted it.

I talk to Katy every week, not every day, but almost, but never on the weekends. That’s hard to believe for some of you, but it’s just how things work out.  I’m very proud of them in their accomplishments and dreams; I try and tell them that on a regular basis.  My son-in-law is an honest, hard working man that loves my daughter and his children. He doesn’t have much to say, and he never calls, so when he does, I know that something is up, or something is wrong. Let’s say that he tolerates me……I try and help him weld the pipe fences, put out grass fires, feed in the winter when they go to Amarillo for the ranch rodeo, haul his new puppies from Bryan to Perryton in the ice storm, those kinds of things. He is very much like Katy’s daddy, when there is work to do, we get it done, and there are no questions and very seldom any talking.  
So, how do you tell your son-in-law how much you love him and are proud of him???? I think I found the way, it’s not the best whisky money can buy, or anything I can make for him because Katy is a much better consistent cook than I am, and he doesn’t like junk of any kind in his shop or barns.
That’s right, we cut and split firewood during the summer and either haul it to the panhandle or they come get it. There are 3 stacks like this and more on the horizon,  I know of no other way to tell or show my son-in-law what a great guy he is and how lucky and blessed we are to have him in our family, without any doubt. Lee Ann Scasta

We all have relatives and friends like this - where it's the smallest thing that expresses the most!
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