September 28, 2011

Ranch Chores

While there are typical daily chores to be done around the place…the weekends provide an extra opportunity to accomplish things that take more time or that we just plain put off till the weekend. So while other people relax or take a break on the weekends, we work harder than we do during the week.

This past weekend was as usual, we had a list of things to get done. (I’m so glad my husband supports my list habits.) One of our projects was to doctor ant beds, there are just a few, I can count on all ten fingers how many we found, even found some on the neighbor’s property. But here’s a picture of the ant beds we doctored:

Some of them were small and some were large, but no matter what, they should not live long! Plus it was nice to have some peace and quiet - Ryan and I were able to do this project all by ourselves. And with a two - almost - three year old that repeats everything that was nice!

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