September 26, 2011

Riding Horses & Hot Dog Toppings

When you haven't had a chance to do it for a while...riding horses is the most awesome thing ever. We all got to ride, even Tana. Now she wants to ride with Tate - but we're going to wait just a little while. The first thing Tana did while on the horse with me was kick her heels and said, "Let's go horse." Oh dear. Tate did a fantastic job, even was okay with me laying in the dirt to get what I thought was a perfect picture. I did! I have several of them. One may appear on a Christmas card at a later date too! I'm building my photography portfolio, not sure what for yet - but maybe some day it will pay off!

Before our adventures on four legs - we cooked out and had a small picnic in the shop - check the food page for awesome hot dog toppings!

And check the critters page - I got a few once in a lifetime pictures!

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