September 13, 2011

Show Steers...Before & After

For the last several years Ryan and I have waited for this time to come...time to wean and prepare these little guys for a life as a show steer. We've built our herd from bottle calves, misfits, and now have picked up a set of registered cows that are our future. Check out critters for more before pictures, theses guys need a good cleaning up and then there will be after pictures!

As a child raised on a ranch and showing cattle, we often forget about the before and after of our calves. I remember my very first show ET calf that came with a dairy cow from Granada. She was a little nuts, but lived a long life as a cow. Then there was Nikki, the heifer that all the Leifeste boys had to corral in the showring. As long as I sang jingle bells to her, she did just fine. And then there were too many to count! (Ya right, I can probably get close to naming them all...and the tricks they pulled and equipment they tore up, and all of the road trips it took to haul them across the country).

There is just one last retired heifer I must name....Cobb Hill's Sadie. Sadie is in my pasture, has raised a set of amazing daughters who have produced several granddaughters. Half our herd might be related to her, but she's that good! A quick renewal to the Brangus Association, and we'll see what the future will hold for her! Watch out world, the Scasta grandchildren will be in the showring in a matter of years! She produced a big boned Brangus steer this year and he'll go in the pen as a future show steer!

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