September 16, 2011

Weekend Plans

Don't get too excited, but here's the run down on the many things we'll be doing this weekend! Feed cows, wean calves, check cows that should begin calving within a few weeks. Load posts, cut firewood, finish wiring wooding posts to one of the fences, clean out post holes, concrete posts, weld, weld some more, move the dog kennels and arrange water and feed, search for hay as we are almost out, go to Tate's football game, put a pork roast in the crockpot, chase Tana and make sure she's fed, get groceries (or at least milk and eggs), make jewelry and take pictures, wait for more supplies arrive so that I fill jewelry orders, come up with another solution for taking jewelry pictures, and anything else we can think of!

Speaking of these jewelry pictures, if you haven't checked my album on facebook...I hang the necklaces on a fence post, but not just any fence post. It has to be shaped just right and is about 40 yards from the house. You can imagine necklaces hanging off my left arm and camera around me neck. After a picture is taken of a necklace, that necklace goes to the right arm. And back to the house we go! Something I have learned, the weather must cooperate, misty and foggy weather is not good for outdoor necklace picture-taking!

Check out the food page where I link the recipe for the pork roast. You will love it.

Phrase of the day: When life gets hectic, get organized!

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