October 31, 2011

Bird in the Kitchen Cabinets

It was a long weekend, not a bad one, but we worked on many project, had a few extra hands too! Lots of welding was completed, with me watering the grass heavily to reduce the chance of fire...wait dirt can't catch on fire...there is no grass! Anyway, we've almost finished the arena, at least one step closer and then I'll have pictures.

But for the meantime we have not yet put wire around the stovepipe. Why…well the wire we originally bought was every small and had very small openings and we were worried about build-up. So each year we occasionally deal with a bird in the house after opening the wood-burning stove. Last night was no exception, he put out my fire while flying around. Ryan tried to re-light it…and the bird escaped. First he stopped at the window seal, then headed to the kitchen. I had been preparing dinner for Tana and there was a kitchen cabinet open. Sure enough the bird flies in. Ryan tried to grab him, no luck, feathers and soot spread all over the dishes. He escaped flew around the house and back to the window seal, Ryan caught him and out the door he went. What are the odds that darn bird could do that again and find the only open door in the house. Needless to say I have washed all the dishes now!
Babies are being born...not just my new nephew Cutter Scasta, but also calves on our place. Hope to take pictures soon!

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