October 17, 2011

Counting Peanuts

Whew - what a ride. I think this about my life on a daily basis.

So in a quick trip to Houston and back with co-workers, only would you count peanuts while sitting next to the accountant! At first we compared whose package was bigger - then we decided to count. Game 1 (first flight) me - 16, him - 17. Wow, can't you tell the economy is going downhill when you get 16 peanuts and most of those we all halves. Game 1 (second flight) me - 27, him - 26 - think are looking up. But only would you COUNT the peanuts while sitting next to a bean counter, no offense, but accountants count everything!

Check out the family page - and see what Ryan and Tate built!

Will have recipes and a guest blog later this week! Glad to be back!

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