October 26, 2011

Feeding in the Dark

This week has been unusual - with two days of working 7am to 7pm, it has been dark when we leave in the mornings and dark when we get home. It has really messed with Tana’s schedule! Last night Ryan waited on us, Tana was so happy to see him, and she wanted to go feed. Then she told me to go in the house and change clothes, which is what I do every day when getting home from work! I really don’t like wearing heels in the barn, although it happens.

This must have been Tana’s first time feeding in the dark. After feeding the cattle, the black cattle, she couldn’t seem to figure out where they went, or if we ever really fed them to begin with! She also thinks they are all hers, but once she said Daddy’s cows were eating Mommy’s grass when they were turned out in the yard. I can’t wait to be home in the daylight tonight and check on those girls that close to calving! I want to cook dinner for the family and enjoy being home!

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