October 25, 2011

Keep it Simple

Life in general can be a crazy mess, so keep it simple. Dinner should be simple. Getting the kiddos dressed in the morning should be simple. With all of our schedules getting more and more busy, with parents working multiple jobs, kids having too many events in their lives to keep up with homework, animals to feed, the list could go on and on. My life for one is not simple, nor will it ever be. With a blended family, an almost three-year-old, many four-legged family members to feed and a husband who is literally on call every moment of his lifetime – we are not simple.

But we organize and prepare, I set clothes out the night before, we keep a schedule. Ryan and I are adamant that our kids go to bed in a 30-minute window, because he and I need adult and alone time, even if he’s working in the shop and I’m doing laundry! I plan ahead on meals so that on evenings we do get in late there is something to eat and I haven’t spent hours in the kitchen. And I love to cook on the weekends for the week! So while I am challenging myself to work on managing our lifestyle and know that it will only increase with activities, I challenge each of you to make something simpler!

And my last thought for the day – just when you think your life is hard…there are people that we all know whose lives are truly hard, they’ve had obstacles that we never could believe in. Be thankful for who you are and what you have…ALWAYS.

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