October 10, 2011

Week 2 - the Feed Truck

We are on week two of driving the feed truck and it's going downhill, fast. But first let me explain, I am not high maintenance. If my job was to feed cows (which I have mentioned is my dream job, they do not talk, argue, or care what you look like), then I would wear jeans, boots and right now a coat, and feed cows, get dirty, wipe my hands on my pants, blow my nose without a kleenex, you know the regular kinds of things! But instead I have to dress up to go to work, wear heels on most days, 50% of the time fix my hair. I try to be presentable in the environment I'm in.

Back to the original story, this morning the feed truck would not start. Okay think - a few months ago we had a similar issue and I remembered what to do. It took both hands, but the truck finally started. While pulling out of the barn I looked at my phone, and while doing so poured coffee down my leg. What next? I cracked the window so it wouldn't be so stuffy and maybe help with the fog that had formed on the inside of the windshield. No luck - must use the defrost. So two weeks ago when I knew I would be driving this truck, I cleaned it. Used the air compressor and blew all the junk out, wiped it down, etc., so that maybe I could make it to work in black slacks still clean! This morning I found out where all that stuff I thought I blew out of the truck landed...in the vents of the defrost. It looked like confetti just blew up in the truck.

Hence the reason I have lotion, perfume in two scents and a lint brush in my desk drawer every day. You just never know what's going to happen before I make it to work. All in all, I'm glad I have a ride, but this is really getting old. Hopefully my truck will be fixed soon!

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