October 6, 2011

What 'Ruby' did on my birthday..

The scene: Ruby was a show heifer, it was Jr. Brangus Nationals in OK....very early in the morning - on the washrack. Yes, every year nationals happened on or near my birthday. I think I was turning 9 that year.

Again, very early, sort of dark, or maybe just my eyes were closed.

Back then, especially in the summer I would wear shorts and tennis shoes in the morning and change into nice clean clothes to show in.

So what did Ruby do? She pooped on my foot. Right on top of my foot.

Ruby ruined my birthday and had no idea what she had done.

Now I'm not a clean freak - but that day it was a disaster. I had to return to the hotel, take a shower and start my day all over.

Oddly enough, I thought the same thing today after scooping up trash out of the middle of the road that fell off of Ryan's truck. I wanted to go home and take a shower and start over. But you don't always get what you want, and now I linger of the smell of the trash....

Have a great day!

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