November 18, 2011

Custom Hats

First I would like to say my husband has taught me so much...on handmade and custom things. I once though he was crazy for painting, writing, and actually branding everything, but now I love it. Ryan has great taste and expects a quality product, whether it be our ear tags, his hats, boots, etc. Today I'm going to give you a few links to hat makers. I'm pretty partial to a few, those we use, those we've seen, those who do a good job and make a quality product, so here goes:

Mike's Custom Hatters - Ryan has three hats from Mike - and this year we bought Tate his first one while at the Ranch Rodeo. (Tate and I will be wrapping up his old hat and he's giving it to Tana for Christmas, the joy of children 6 years apart, the too-small stuff gets re-gifted!)

Limpia Creek Hats - A very nice black hat hangs on our rack from Limpia, it's at least 10 years old, maybe 12 and still in great shape. Ryan has used it as his dress hat for many years, but now it's a work hat!

Bar None Hat Company - If you have ever met Kaycee Orr-Hoffman - you know that she is the worker in the family, but I'm also partial to true ranch wives! The whole family works, it's a family ranch, but Kaycee's talent does not end in the cow pen. She has developed a name from California to Nebraska and all over for making and restoring hats. Kaycee has a welcoming store and a huge personality, so if you are ever in Thedford, Nebraska, look Kaycee up!

Here are a few of our favorites, there are many more out there.

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