November 25, 2011

One of our Christmas Traditions

Now that it's the day after Thanksgiving, I'm at work, listening to the most amazing CD by Blake Bolerjack...thinking about Christmas traditions! In my past life - Christmas was split between several houses, you had a different menu at all and it was something we all looked forward to, including my mom's chili con queso.

In the new life, going on six years - one of our Christmas traditions is watching the entire set of Lonesome Dove. But we've spoiled it! In the last few weeks we've watched the whole thing already. Tana has moved on from watching cartoons to now wanting to watch cowboy movies! A girl from my own heart. But another Christmas tradition - is beef for Christmas, usually fajitas or tenderloin or brisket! Check out the food page and see the soup I made for lunch yesterday and what I'm going to do with it now!

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