November 16, 2011

Ritchey Tags

Today I want to share with you Ritchey Tags. With many products to choose from and a variety of custom tag styles...we use Ritchey Tags. And actually, we first learned about them while visiting Hoffman Herefords in Thedford, Nebraska, where my cousin, Andy Scasta, works. While you can order a custom tag already printed, you can also order a blank tag and customize it yourself to coordinate with a certain number, cow, breed, sire in your herd. We were sold! So our tags are organized in the following way, it is complicated, but works for us:

White - our original herd, calves we've kept and where we started
Red - cows, two of our old cows and then all of the cows we've purchased
Green - bulls
Yellow - yearlings and stocker cattle turned out - and we cut them out before to go to auction and re-use
Blue - blank for engraving

My spreadsheet is organized by color and number! And something funny...Red 001 is Sadie, White 001 is one of her daughters - an original, she was one of seven that we started our herd with! Sadie moved to the Panhandle a few years later!

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