December 5, 2011

Broken Ornaments

Our Christmas tree is a long story already and I'm still not sure it won't wind up in a dumpster after the holidays! So here goes - unpack the tree, put the bottom portion on the stand - plug in. Ya, the lights work. The thought went through my head, what happens if the lights don't work on a pre-lit tree. Well - the next section only had half the lights working and so did the top. Ryan replaced several and decided we needed many more to get it all working. Well they are special lights that you can't find locally. So I tried to buy a stand very similar and thought we could use those lights to put in. That didn't work either.

So the Christmas tree sat naked for several days with only a portion of the lights working...what did I do, took a huge strand of colored lights and covered the whole thing. And then as a family we put the ornaments on and called it good. Tana thought it was perfect with only half the lights working. So this weekend we decorated, Tana help, and there were many broken ornaments. But that really didn't matter! In life so many things don't go the right way, and in the end it really doesn't matter! We have a beautiful tree, presents underneath it and every morning when I plug it in Tana says it's perfect!!!

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