December 27, 2011

Clear Your Calendar Day

Today I am sharing with you another blog article, Clear Your Calendar Day. How many times during the holidays did you say, mommy can't play she has to cook/clean/do laundry/pick up/take down the tree/take out the trash/make the beds. For many of us, including me, this would take a lot of advance planning, not to have all of the above things going on as well. But there are just some days that nothing else should matter.

Looking back to my childhood, I remember having a summer activity at age 4-5 being a little cheerleader. After that we began showing cattle (which I believe still to this day was 10x better than most of the activities today, and we did it as a family, it's wasn't my momma's project and she didn't ever just pull up and drop me off and treat it like babysitting). It wasn't until 6th grade did I participate in sports - do I think that's bad, no, I'm pretty confident that I was just as good and better than some who had been playing since age 4. It's not the years, it's the talent, hard work and effort put into it.

Though our schedule is slow for the moment, it will again pick back up to practices, games, school activities, church plays and more. So I plan on making a 'clear the calendar day' soon, and often. It might have to includes chores around the ranch, but a stay-at-home day with nothing else planned. The kids love to make their own pizzas and cookies, so we'll do that too! And I'm going to make an effort to put the laundry and dishes off just a few minutes longer if the kids ask to play or color!

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