January 24, 2012

The Best New Things are Leftovers!

I've been thinking a lot about this lately. We often donate too small clothes or shoes to our local crisis center - and most of the time we collect things for our family's garage sale. The shirt that doesn't fit Tana anymore, is new to another child. Friends of our have been gracious enough to hand down clothes to us for our kids and we do the same to others. Tana does not know that it came without a tag - she thinks she has a brand new outfit! And I smile!

My mother and I often visited resale shops when I was young, it was a challenge and a game to see what we could find. Name brand jeans for $5.00, shirts for less than that...and I'm not afraid to admit that the beautiful wedding dress I wore came with the tags on it from the resale shop! It was brand new, literally, and new to me at a huge discount. I'm sure it had a sad story of how it wound up there, but it tickled our boat!

Recently I've purchased a 'new' vehicle, it's new to me...but my mom has been driving it for the last several years. I call it my new car because it is new, besides it looks great and is in fantastic condition! I have seat heaters and can drive through the bank drive through lanes for the first time!! I'm out of the dually!!!!

An Aunt and Uncle of our came to our place last weekend and raided our 'junk' pile. While to us it was leftover pieces of wood and wire from previous projects, it was their new find to build a chicken coup and more.

I've been fascinated about watching this cycle and truly believe the best new things are often someone else's leftovers.

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