January 4, 2012

You might be a ranch wife if...

It is not often that I crack myself up...but this one did it!

You might be a ranch wife if…
-Talking about semen tanks and what to breed your cows to comes up in conversation every night

-A hole in your rubber boots does not mean it’s a night off from feeding cows
-You know the reproduction system and the cycles of your cows better than your own

-Your household contains more medicine for the livestock than people
-You can hear a cow in distress from miles and know exactly what she’s thinking

-When your husband questions the color and number of an ear tag, you know exactly what it is, and what her nickname is, who her dam was and what shows she won. And when he begins to debate, you just motion to the truck, because you know you are right
-Wearing dry-clean only sweaters to drain puss from an abscess is no big deal

-Chewing on a piece of hay or flake of alfalfa is just something that happens in the barn
-The feed store list is longer than your grocery list

-And last but not least – there are only five pounds of ground beef in the freezer but at least eighty pounds of calf fries!!!!

More to come soon, thought you all might need a laugh today! My dad will be proud, lately he's made a list of 'you might be a redneck if' jokes that could make him famous!!

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