February 13, 2012

Using Other People's Talents...

Since the beginning of the year I've tried to become more organized...which hopefully you will see soon in this blog, with a better schedule of updating it. And...I've come to realize now more than ever that each person should learn how to use another person's talents. I believe this will save time and money! For example, I have a friend that has started making cakes. I let her make the birthday cakes for the kids, because I had no time! And she makes excellent cookies, so I'm done making cakes and cookies...you'll see some of her work soon...she's doing the cookies for my book release and then signing parties!!

I can write and I can make jewelry, I'll use other people's talents for other things!! Look around you and find out who has talents that you don't have. I'm not saying I don't love to cook, because I do... but there are just some times it's easier and wiser to find someone else. My mother's talent is proof-reading...so who do you think is my number one editor. Before the book was every sent to the publisher, she got it...and still today I read some aloud to her over the phone when they are in their first stages. Like the one's written sideways on a piece of paper from the last seminar I went to! Before they ever get typed, she's my direction. My husband has many amazing talents, so you bet, he gets put in charge of many things that I just don't need to do, he can do them so much faster and easier.

This week's challenge is to find someone who has other talents that maybe you could trade for!!! Good luck!

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