February 24, 2012

When People Come Into Your Life

You could classify me as a suspicious person! I don't make friends easy and always wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind actions. But recently a person came into my life that has already changed it forever. She is the sweetest, most kind person, who has taught me more about life in two conversations than I would have ever found out on my own.

She took a leap of faith, put her husband through school, moved across the state and has literally began a new life. And through all of this she was positive, knew that God had a plan for her family and did not worry. As she said today at lunch she can breathe, it has all come together. And throughout this journey, she supported her husband to the fullest, lived apart from him until she and the kids could move. She is his number one fan. And that has reminded me that I am Ryan's number one fan, and while life gets crazy, that's what is important. Remember when I told you I wrote out my priorities and number one was that my first jobs were as a wife and a mother. She is the perfect example of how those two things come first.

Even in our short visits during lunch I find myself thinking for days about the things she says. We should all be more positive, motivated and supportive. She has already made me a better person. So the next time someone out of the blue comes into your life, don't be as suspicious as I am, I have found a great friend and mentor!

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