March 20, 2012

Cinderella at Our House!

These days Cinderella is considered a ‘classic’. With few television stations and stash of movies, our entertainment comes mainly from being outdoors, which is the way Ryan and I feel it should be. But my mother recovered a stash of ‘classic’ movies that I watched as a child…one being Cinderella. I can tell you watching it as an adult gives you a whole different perspective. But Cinderella at our house isn’t me. While I dress up occasionally, that’s really not my thing! My Cinderella is Tana. She even received a princess dress for her birthday, with a crown, jewelry and pretty shoes. But Tana can’t ‘just’ be Cinderella, she’s Cinderella of the wild west. She sports a belt, two pink holsters and two pink guns. What would Cinderella have thought of her!!! And at three I would have never dreamed of dressing up like that!

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