March 26, 2012

Green Gold & Hairy Gold

This weekend was packed full. I don’t think we could have fit much more into it. First my mom came for a short visit which was great. She helped, she entertained the kids and brought tons of food!!! There are lots of things I need to take pictures of, but it’s hard to wear a camera around your neck, move cattle across the drive multiple times a day, hang tin, put out creep feed, and fertilize the yard. And those are just a few!

Our ultimate goal is to have at least a windbreak if not shelter in every pen. We are getting closer and this weekend we built another small barn for cattle to shelter under. We have a few pens left but every day we make running this ranch easier and easier! Including the addition of a line of feed bunks that have been in progress since November. We tightened the cable and are almost ready to pour a load of feed down them! I can’t wait to have pictures of our cows eating at them. And then feeder calves within a few months. But it won’t stop there; we have plans for at least one maybe two more pens with feed bunks!!!

Here is a picture that my mom took of our wheat patch.

To me its green gold, its value is priceless because I planted it and it grew! Who says we don’t have green thumbs. Actually Ryan helped too, he drove the truck and I threw seed off the back. And they say farming is hard!!!! After a much needed rain we had to wait for it to dry up before turning stock out. Next was the decision process of who needs the wheat. We turned a small set of cows with calves out, and then rotated a group of heifers. They all love eating green gold!!! And they all did a great job of crossing a small drive from gate to gate without many problems.

Ryan placed the cattle guard he built and finished the side pieces so cattle can’t walk between it and the fence. So thankful to have a talented husband…because he saves us money in the long run with everything he can build. His next project is finishing the sliding gate at the working facility. Wow, I could spend hours walking around taking pictures to share with you of all the projects.

It is soccer season too, Tate is doing great and right now his team is ranked 1st! But the Saturdays are a killer on progress. Somehow we manage and even included a date in the weekends as Ryan and I attended a local ‘Superfreak’ concert! It was great and nice to be out.

By now you are probably wondering what ‘hairy gold’ is. I figure since there is gold, ‘black gold’ and all sort of other things, wheat should be ‘green gold’, and finally this weekend I came up with ‘hairy gold’ for the livestock. Besides every day herds across the world are growing in value…ranchers across the miles have invested in ‘hairy gold’!!!!

Pictures and more coming this week!!!

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