March 9, 2012

Ranch Hospitality Part II

So once you’ve taken the tour, it’s time to entertain, or just get the deal done. If you ask me if I’m hungry and I say no and have my checkbook in hand, that probably means I’m ready to head home. I’m not being rude; there is just probably something at home that needs to get done. And if you’re at our place I would love to feed and entertain you. There’s just nothing better than a good meal.

Finishing the deal…if you know a customer is coming be prepared. Have the registration papers in your hand and an invoice waiting to be completed. In the past I wasn’t so organized, but I am now, I know where every paper and cow folder is, they are all filed together and we can take the whole box to the barn. I want to be able to tell you everything you need to know without you having to wait.

Be thankful of each and every customer. No matter how big or small the purchase is you just never know when that person might come back. If they leave your place with a bad feeling, they may just visit your competitor. And then add that customer or guest to your address list so that they can be included in your mailings. Don’t forget if you’re selling cattle to be shown, it’s always a nice gesture to go watch a show or two. People should feel like you care about their program, herd, success and kids!

That’s it for ranch hospitality right now, I’m sure many of you can add things to this and I’d love to do an update in the future!!

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