March 6, 2012

Teamwork, Ear Tags & More!

Every marriage takes teamwork, another player, another partner, and every once in a while both of you have to coach. I have the best of each of these and wouldn't trade him for any other!!!

That was my post on facebook yesterday!

So here's a recap of the weekend...well actually just ear tagging new calves. Ryan drove out in the pasture, I put Tana on the back of the truck and we'd approach the calf. Ryan would hold the ear tagger in his left hand and grab some part of the calf with his right hand...for me to scoop in and tackle!!! Now that's not how it should go, there's a very easy way of holding down a calf, but I went a little overboard. The heifer now tagged as White #29 might be scared for life as I was bear hugging it on the ground. The only problem was I was literally sitting on her head and Ryan could get her ear out to tag! The fun things that happen on the ground in the middle of the pasture!!! That's called teamwork! Here is an example of our ear tags, Richey Tags, we have five different colors, all mean something different and then there are the numbers of course!!! And my phone number is on the back side!!

Meet 'Flop' - as you can see she has big ears!!! (Her daughter is 'Flip')

Meet 'Annie' - who has now had three heifers!!

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