March 14, 2012

What To Expect from Your Feed Store

FIRST - customer service. Not just good customer service, but over the top excellent. I want you to know who I am, what my name is. Greet me and say hello, good morning, how have you been. If the kids are with me acknowledge them too. And remember, no matter how small or large a customer is, treat them all the same.

SECOND – competent staff. I want a feed store that has employees that know the products. They need to be able to look up and tell you percentages of protein, fat, price and if you can get it in bulk. The details are very important to me.

THIRD – a quality product. From custom mixed feed to general farm and ranch products I want them all to be quality products that I feel confident using. The best thing to find in a feed store is a ripped bag that has been taped. That means the employees have been trained right!

FOURTH – the ability to order. If they don’t have it, they will find something comparable and order it. And if the store is out of what you need, they know a substitute or can tell you the date and time a product will arrive.

FIFTH – efficient billing. Enough said!

SIXTH – the ability to load feed. This sounds simple, but unfortunately not all feed stores know how to load feed. What I love about mine, is usually there are two to three people gathering feed from the dock and loading it in the truck. I have never lost a bag, maybe that’s why I’m a loyal customer!

SEVENTH – suckers. If you keep the kids happy, and if the kids like ‘shopping’ because that means going to the feed store, I’m hooked.

EIGHTH – be a supporter. I love walking into feed stores and seeing pictures of animals that they have purchased through local livestock shows. Your customers are local so keep your money local.

Fortunately I get what I expect from my feed store! So if you’re ever in the Texas Panhandle stop by Booker Equity, they make coffee every morning and can provide you with a wonderful feed store experience.

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