April 2, 2012

Being Blessed...

What does being blessed mean to you? A while I ran into a friend of ours at the bank and ask how are you. He said, "blessed". I sort of rolled my eyes and thought, yep, I’d be blessed if I lived your life too, had the time that you have to run errands in the middle of the day, etc. I have a whole new meaning of being blessed now. Ryan had a wreck, with himself, his truck and nothing more than the road. Meaning there were no others involved or around in the pitch dark. After rolling his truck that is now full of dirt and glass, he walked away without a scratch. A lot of bruises continue to show up and it really changed our lives. We know how blessed we are! Just that same day I told a friend of mine about our hectic lives, running around, going way too fast trying to get it all done. I can say we slowed down a bit this weekend!

Also check out the ranch page and critters page where I tell you how halter breaking steers is going!

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