April 25, 2012

Ranch Tour & Book Reading

Time is flying by, school is almost out and summer is around the corner. But with the temperatures we are expecting today you would think summer is well under way. Last week we had the privilege of hosting a ranch tour with our local Clover Kids 4-H Group. Many of these kiddos are under the age to be eligible to compete, but this allows them to participate in great activities and prepare for their future 4-H careers.

I tell people I was born and raised from the ground up. If I wanted a bottle calf, my grandad would bring the next orphan down. If I wanted to ride a horse, there was a pen of horses. If I wanted to target practice with my BB gun, there were acres of things to shoot at! So when a group of kids enters your barn and has never hand fed a horse by hand, you are reminded of how differently they have grown up. It was so exciting and fulfilling to have these kids in the barn and then in the cow pen. And to learn about ranch life.

We have a great herd, most of which are gentle old and young cows, and they allowed us to get in the same pen with them and their calves.

We finished up the afternoon with a book reading of 'Where's My Cowboy Hat'.

Thanks to all who came and the 4-H leader for putting this together. Ryan and I both have a soft spot for kids and love to see them interact with the animals!

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