April 20, 2012

Week Day vs. Weekend Day

This will be different for so many of us. But I've been looking around lately...and doing some noticing on facebook that we each value our week days and weekend days different. For us, Friday at 5:00 can never come too soon. That means we get to work on our big projects, plan the weekend and try to get as much accomplished as possible. For some, Friday at 5:00, is just another day, no plans, or time to just have fun, no work, and some families stay inside in the pj's all weekend. I have heard a few people mention that they look forward to Monday to get back on schedule, or maybe you do school at home and it starts a brand new week. Monday to us means whatever we didn't get done over the weekend will most likely wait until the following weekend. Sometimes I feel like a rat running on a wheel!!

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