April 27, 2012

What Others Have Taught You

Each and every one of us have people who influenced our life. I'm not saying they were all positive, but most of mine were. But these people helped shape who we are today. Every day my husband challenges me to grow, and some times that is hard. After a recent moment that I had, or a sequence of moments, I looked in the rear-view mirror and thought that was my mother in me. Why, because she taught me how to be a mother bear or in our world a great momma cow... Stand up for what you believe in and most importantly for your kids, and protect them.. Ryan has taught me to analyze things from all angles. When he makes decisions he has usually thought about all aspects and the easiest, fastest, yet best way of doing something. I've had many great teachers as well. But each and every day we have influences that stick with you, help us make decisions and grow as a person.

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