May 9, 2012

Not Always Easy

Not every day or every decision is always easy. But you have to make them anyway. All that matters is the reason and thought process behind the decision. After five nights of little sleep, I've made a decision. I've thought, talked and prayed about it for days. And until 7:00 this morning I was still thinking about it. And looking back, how many times do we have to make decisions within seconds, minutes or hours that could change our lives forever. Each and every one of us have had a single phone call and our response was immediate, not within five days!!! Our theory about wedding planning was we wanted a short engagement, why, because then you don't re-think everything a million times. So some times, thinking too long makes you more sleep!!!

Hanging in my closet is a few notes that I read every day, I've shared a few with you before, but here is the first one:

My first jobs are to be a wife and a mother.

Period, end of story, those come before all others. The next line says:

My faith and family come first.

With just those things I have a complete life!!!

Life would be easy if the decisions weren't so hard, but that's just not how it works.

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