May 16, 2012

Not So Favorite Farm Animal

We all have one…an animal that is not the favorite! At our house it would be the cat. He’s a good cat, was one of fourteen cats that survived from two years ago. We now have other cats, but he’s the only one you see often and, usually in the strangest places. He’s hairy, yuck, and doesn’tcare too much about his looks. Often times you will find him rolling in horse manure with little balls of manure hanging off of him. He doesn’t care. We appreciate the fact that he eats birds and mice, that’s his job. But we have gotten into a routine of feeding him; he used to have to survive on his own.Tana usually feeds him every evening when we feed the horses. This cat is either so smart or so lazy!!! The cat food it in an open bag on a pallet next to some other feed. It’s open….and he won’t touch it, you have to put his food in a bowl. Ugh, spoiled cat.

Ryan is allergic to cats, so they aren’t allowed near the house and they aren’t pets, the kind that rub up on your leg. So for the most part this cat works out well. So well in fact, he thinks he’s a cowdog. With a bucket in hand and cows following he’s right there every step of the way. I have never had a problem with this cat, Ryan on the other hand has.The cat leaped in the air and grabbed his leg once, clung to it like he was giving him a bear hug. Just what my husband needs, a bear hug by a cat. Last night I was in charge of the chores, kids were already in bed, and Ryan was in the house. After turning the water off for all of the newly planted trees, and feeding the dogs, next was rearranging cattle in the pens based on which ones had hay to be cleaned up.

Through the barn I went and there he was meowing. Hedoesn’t just meow, he meeeeoooows, like he’s talking to you. I paid him no attention as usual, ha. He kept meowing, I scooped horse feed into buckets. One step later I let out the most blood curdling scream ever. I thought I was caught, something had me, my foot was caught. No, it was just the cat. He took his long furry paw and wrapped it around my foot. With a not so gentle nudge he moved away. I put food in his bowl and he was happy. Ugh, darn cat the cat food bag is open, eat when you want, don't be grouchy!!! The funny part was as soon as I screamed the dogs began their distress barking, as if something terrible had happened to me out of their sight! That cat would have had to run for it's life if the dogs were out!

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