July 27, 2012

Wow - It Has Been A While

For too many reasons I took a break from blogging. This summer has flown by and began with a job change for me, vacation for the kids, breeding cattle and now preparing for a new school year. Eventually I'll tell you the stories of what has happen, but for now I have lots of updates and recipes to share!

What can I say, it is Friday morning and I'm at home!!! What a great break in our routine is to have a few Fridays off. On the agenda today - fun. Tana is water coloring a giraffe and watching cartons that she rarely gets to see at this time of day. Later it will be water park time, maybe I'm crazy for taking four kids by myself, but I may be more excited than they are.

Since I didn't update you on July 4th, the kids were on vacation, but when they returned we did plenty of this!!

It was and still is extremely dry, therefore the only fireworks were the small, kid style, plus a few sparklers. We had watered the area for days and kept everything on the road. Look around the blog, I'll be updating you on a few recipes and other things that happened around the ranch this summer, including the neighbors loading cattle out of our pens!

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