August 17, 2012

Making a Herd Plan

In life you have goals, plans, maybe even business plans, so two years ago Ryan and I made a Herd Plan. This plan was to upgrade our herd, purchase more registered cows and sell the bottom end of the commercial herd. Our main goal is to bred and raise females to keep and put back into the program. We have done that with our mixed herd and each year we produce a better calf crop. So when time came to breed this year, we hand picked semen from bulls that we knew would produce a higher quality calf. After preg checking the herd, we had to make a decision on the open ones. Would we re-breed them, sell them, etc. Yes, some will be kept and some will be sold. And then we will purchase a few more to replace them and keep with our plan of going more to the registered side.

So what breeds do we have? Commercial of all kinds, and registered Angus and Brangus, the Maintainer calves will hit the ground in 2013. Yes, eventually I'd like to see my own kids showing and winning like we did growing up. I'd even like to take a ranch herd out eventually. All of that will come in time, right now our focus is on the females and building around a few select bloodlines! After taking pictures of the calves last night since they have grown so much, there are several show-quality heifers and steers in the pasture already. But we are already looking forward to the 2013 crop. From day one two years ago we knew what we would breed to and that those calves are the future of our herd. Make a Herd Plan.

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