October 16, 2012

A Blessed Family

I wrote a post earlier this year about being blessed. That was after Ryan totalled his truck and walked away with only severe bruises. Today I write it because my cousin-in-law, whom I refer to as my sister-in-law, because she's the closest thing to a sister that I've ever had, just survived an accident herself. How blessed is our family to have two awful accidents and so far the outcomes are looking good. Tabatha has a long road of recovery and it will take a lot of extra hands to help her along the way. One injury includes a broken rib up high and I cannot imagine how painful this will be. Her oldest son is worried about her and cannot wait to see his momma come home.

There are angels in this world and I hope that I can become a more observant driver as well. As a driver in front of her saw her truck leave the road and turned around to check on her. I cannot say that I have turned around and checked on many strange things lately.

Honestly it's been a tough two weeks on Ryan and I in general, work, stress, things around the house, cattle, unexpected trips, Tate had ear surgery and more. This puts things in check. Just as it did after Ryan's accident, we relive it often and tell each other to be careful more often. Just as we thought our days and weeks couldn't get worse, we got the phone call about Tabatha and then you realize nothing else matters. The little stuff really doesn't matter that much and I can't tell you why the last few weeks were that bad.

So instead of repeating the what ifs and calling my mom every 30 minutes for an update on Tab, I'll share a few things on the blog, including a new recipe and the beginning of the story about two heifers from 14 hours away!

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