October 3, 2012

Good Days, Bad Day, Other Days...

So I'm not having a bad day, just some other type of day. The ones where you forget what day is, send your child to school in the wrong stuff, don't have your wallet, drop your phone and see if shatter into three pieces, etc. One of those other days...haha, but it just got a lot better. A co-worker of mine dropped their keys in a toilet, while she is mortified, it provided me with the relief that my day isn't going so bad! Just for her I've stuck my hand in a toilet to see if they are still in there.

I've been a computer technician over the phone, travel agent, employment agent and several other titles all in a day while doing my real job where none of those matter! Looking forward to this evening and some family time, laundry time and cooking time!

You know when you're looking for something and think you've found it on the Internet...only to realize it's a 14 hour drive away. Yep that's me, nothing can be close or easy today!!!!

Sharing a few other things on the blog today! Go me, twice in one week!

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