October 5, 2012

How do you see/hear things!

At a staff meeting yesterday we did an activity. Each person around the table drew for a position. I promise I didn't cheat, but I got to be the leader. Others were helpers, runners, designers and analysers. I sat behind a board with a picture in front of me. I then had to tell the runner what the picture was and how it was positioned on the page, etc. Remember the old telephone game...this turns out pretty similar. The helper then asked questions about where things were, what they looked like and so on.

Here's how it turned out:

The original was on the left, and the one they created down the hall with the runner telling them what I relayed is on the right. I was absolutely please and thought we did a great job. With just a few differences, for the most part things were laid out well. I did not know they had the pieces, so I would describe the wings as orange jalapenos.

Some days we forget that what we say makes sense to us, but by the time it makes it to the end, it's not quite right!!!! Have a great weekend!

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