November 13, 2012

A Needed Weekend

We all had a much needed weekend - even after Tana battling allergies, Ryan and I going in crazy directions and packing several bags! We needed some sleep after nights of no sleep too.

So here's what we did - my mom came up to take care of Tana (while sick) and feed the cows. You can't just leave a place when the cows are all on separate feeding schedules, there are horses to feed, plus dogs and a few cats - and the heifers in the barn. After feeding and taking care of my showstring for years, my mom is at the top of my list on people to trust to weigh and feed properly. She gets it! (Side story - if we ever left my dad at home to feed - he fed them till they were full and that's not always what the steers needed)!

Ryan, Tate and I headed south to the WRCA ranch rodeo. What a great time we had with family and friends. I can honestly say my sides hurt and Ryan lost his voice due to staying up until 4:30 in the morning laughing so hard at stories being told around the table. We are already looking forward to next year and hope to stay longer. Then we repacked our bags and headed north.

We celebrated our five year anniversary by taking a quick trip without kids or cows to Dodge City, Kansas. I love going north. I've visited Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado over the years and love the scenery. Yes we visited the Boot Hill Casino for dinner and some playing - needless to say I couldn't bear to see my pennies disappear on the penny slots and only came back with $0.30. We aren't exactly big spenders either! I even had to get instructions from the cashier on how to play. I better practice before I decide to hit Vegas some day!

A little of our time at home was spent preparing for the upcoming Perryton Satellite Center Arts & Crafts Show and getting a head start on the Thanksgiving feast that will take place at our house! Ryan accomplished many honey do projects and helped me arrange the furniture to add a chair and extra table for Thanksgiving. It's amazing what you can actually do in a small space! He's also agreed to help me load panels to make three sides of my booth - and I only have a few projects left this week to finish up!

We're looking forward to getting through the rest of the year week by week with lots on our schedules already - including selling calves, a few cows and arranging the herd for when winter really sets in! If it ever comes, we'll be thankful for the moisture and Tana keeps asking why it hasn't snowed yet!

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