November 2, 2012

Real Life Gets in the Way

Sorry guys, but sometimes real life gets in the way of my blogging efforts. Here are a few short updates on what's going on:

The heifers are doing well - they are growing and growing hair. While they get to be under fans several days of the week, and we've worked on one of their kicking issues, they have a ways to go before they become future showring winners! They lead and set up great, and we'll be tackling their hair soon! Can't wait to show you them as works-in-progress that we couldn't not be happier with!!!!

My bruise - from one of the above heifers is two weeks old. What have I done with it...taken a small aspirin most mornings, heating pad at night, have not touched it, except to rub Arnica gel on it. Thankfully it is much better, except the two knots that are now the size of marbles! Been kicked before, but never like that! She meant it, I took the message and we've been working on having good behavior in the barn!

Food - lots stretching the food budget has been going on. For the most part no one has complained, except Tana has had out of the ordinary food in her lunch and hasn't eaten most of it. Going to get creative this weekend.

Upcoming holidays - we are expecting Thanksgiving to be our biggest barn party yet! Yeah for the family from all over the country travelling to our barn. The first of many big grocery trips starts this weekend! Ryan and I are looking forward to being hosts of our first large holiday celebration and we've been securing tables/chairs and some creative ways to set food out and have plenty of seating!

Kids - school is going great, Tana tells me when she was in time-out but still has come home with smiley faces every day. Tate is in a learning period of life that others will be mean to you because they are jealous. That's a hard one to explain.

The ranch - we have just a few more projects to finish up this year and have already done our winter preparations. Thus leaving only one big project...the house. Yes, I've finally addressed the fact that I cannot put off building a house any longer, so anyone that would like to chip in for the house fund, we'd be more than happy to put your name on a plaque on the wall!!!!

Taking pictures and plan to have a great weekend, talk to you all next week!

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