November 16, 2012

What are you shopping for, try some patience… (Guest Post)

I spent the weekend with Tana, we had a wonderful time even though she was sick, I got to see Tate, Ryan and Katy for a few minutes too! I found out quickly that Tana likes to go “shopping”, whether at the feed store, dollar store or even the grocery store. We made several trips into town, just to get out of the wind and the house. Our first trip was to the dollar store for Kleenex, a sink drain stopper, and a new book for Tana. On our last trip to town on Sunday, we needed milk, Kleenex and more cough medicine – and just to look around. Of course, you always need a distraction and she found my measuring tape, (1 of 2 that I keep in my purse, my son-in-law thought this was rather comical, I think his reply was “what on earth do you have to measure!).

It was pink and she loved it, measured everything she could find or see and kept it with her at all times. We got the milk and medicine and Tana asks to go to the restroom. Sure, why not, so we have to wait our turn…patiently, and I have to leave my items outside the door. Thinking this was just a quick stop….no way, I needed more patience! As I’m trying to put her clothes back on, and she wants to wash her hands..with foamy soap of course and then I got my lesson.

How precious it is to see the almost 4 year old washing her hands and singing her ABC’s…all the way through. That’s what she has been taught to do, take time, do it right. This whole experience reminded me of a recent sermon when our pastor asked if we sit and watch the microwave and don’t let it finish, impatiently waiting, how many do this. I’m one of those people….what’s one more second on the microwave going to do, hurry up, get the dish out and then decide it needed another 5 seconds in the microwave.

So the lesson is, how many times are we in a rush, leave before the last hymn is sung, don’t take the receipt from the person at the grocery store, always, always in a hurry and never stop long enough to say thank you, or hear a precious child sing her ABC’s while washing her hands. It’s made me stop, really stop and give thanks for the opportunities we have every day to learn about patience, and every time I wash my hands, I’m hearing Tana sing her ABC’s in my head and I will never forget the sweet sound. -Lee Ann Scasta

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