December 11, 2012

Barn Attire

This post is not about what is appropriate to wear to the barn - long pants, long sleeve shirt, boots, coat, gloves, etc. Although when other people are at our place or we're working a large load of calves, I'm dressed accordingly.

Tana can often be found in dress up shoes, a princess dress, cowboy boots, coat, hat, gloves, flip flops, whatever, except when it's something series. Besides, most of the time she plays in the shade or with the cats while we work.

There is absolutely no telling what I might wear to the barn, but let's take last night for instance. After a day at work, and knowing Ryan wouldn't be home till late, it was up to Tana and I to get all the chores done in a short amount of daylight. She was already in jeans, shoes and a heavy coat. I was in a dress, leggings, tall heeled boots and a jacket. The cotton dress I was in washes well so I wasn't scared, plus the leggings were warm. I switched to handmade boots, a heavier coat and a scarf. Out the door we went.

I'm sure each pen of calves, cows and horses we fed and broke ice in were thrilled to see me dressed up. The one thing I love more than any about raising livestock is they do not care what you look like, smell like or what you say as long as you feed them. We ended the evening checking a hot fence, looking for a low wire, and Tana enjoyed helping me drive!

Tonight will be round two of getting everything done in a short amount of time, and if that means I feed in heels, so be it!

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