December 7, 2012

What do Friday's Mean?

Fridays are the beginning to our only extended time on the place. Usually we're putting out hay, feeding, working with show heifers, counting cats to make sure the dogs have left them alone, catching up on laundry, doing dishes, preparing meals for the next week, making beds, stringing beads, playing with barbies, watching the kids play tackle football, and cooking out to name a few! With the hustle and bustle of the work week our real work begins on Friday evenings. Projects that can't be done in a few hours are saved and there is usually a list of things to get accomplished. Especially this weekend with a little cooler weather rolling in, we'll make sure everything is hayed and fed accordingly.

Fridays also mean we get to stay up late and not have to put makeup on the next day. Instead of being lazy I think it gives my skin a break! Or that's my excuse! This Friday will include holiday preparations as well, sorting stocking stuffers, presents to be wrapped and making sure Tana has redecorated the Christmas trees again by switching ornaments between the big tree and the kids tree! I've recently figured out why I'm so excited for Fridays, is because all of the above are right around the corner. We've been feeding by headlights lately and that wears on a person and the family when chores can't be accomplished in the daylight. Last night dinner was in the over and Tana and I were filling water, Ryan fed the cows, we fed the barn, Tate finished a story for school. Next we ate, showered and only have a few minutes of family time.

Fridays are so important because they mean family time for the weekend! Here's to an early New Year's Resolution of having more family time! Check out my post on the family page about being frugal!

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